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Laura García

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Laura García

LAURA GARCÍA, born and raised in Asturias (Spain), started her musical carrer in 1996. At the age of only sixteen, she collaborated as a soloist in different cover bands, adapting her voice to styles such as jazz, soul, funk, pop and rock. She also began his studies of vocal technique and guitar.

In 2004, already installed in Barcelona, she collaborated with METROPOL RECORDS and VALE MUSIC in several singles and summer compilations. This collaboration ended up in a big tour throughout Spain in 2008.

During this stage in Barcelona, she continues her studies in Music, Theater and Cinema at the COCO COMIN and SÉPTIMO ARTE schools, and thanks to that she was selected to participate in the musical comedy HOTEL DULCE HOTEL, a play by the HOTEL COCHAMBRE group.

In 2014, LAURA GARCÍA decided to focus on her own compositions and the creation of her own personal style. The result is QUERIDO MR. VAIN, her first album, recorded at the LA CATACUMBA studios in Barcelona and produced by MIGUEL PINO. It has the collaboration of musicians such as EL NIÑO DE LA HIPOTECA, JAVI MARTÍN (Ojos de Brujo), TONI PAGÈS (Antonio Orozco), JORDI CRISTAU (Fito and Fitipaldis, Manolo García), DAVID SOLER, JOAN PAU CUMELLAS and ARECIO SMITH, among others.

QUERIDO MR. VAIN is a rock album with careful melodies and very personal lyrics, reflecting the expertise, character and vocal style of LAURA GARCÍA.

Tracklist from album "Querido Mr. Vain"

  1. La Princesa Ideal
  2. Mr. vain
  3. ¿Quién Decide el Destino?
  4. Juegos de Inteligencia
  5. A ver Quién Sale Hoy
  6. Hoy, Mañana y Siempre
  7. Pánico en el Edén
  8. Grandes Palabras
  9. Mi Nueva Identidas
  10. Un Adiós Anticipado
  11. Picando Piedra

Laura García - "Mr. Vain" (Oficial video)

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Laura García
Laura García


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