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SERGIO CARDOSO is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer, winner of the Pop-Rock contest by UNED. He takes part in several individual and collective musical projects ranging from rock to electronic, through the most elaborate pop rock.


"El hueco del sillón" was his first album. 16 tracks with deep lyrics and high quality musical arrangements.

You can listen to this and other projects by Cardoso in his Bandcamp page:


Cardoso - El hueco del sillón


Before that album Cardoso had released the EP "13 huecos" as an advancement of the final work.

13 Huecos - Cardoso

He also takes part in audiovisual projects ranging from soundtracks for movies or videogames to music for documentaries and other shows.

Write, produce and interpret the main song of several films. Themes such as "Non nobis domine" for the feature film "The golden bracelet" or "The place from which to fall" for the film "A Forbidden God" for which he receives a candidacy for the Goya awards as the best original song, in addition to another candidacy as the best original soundtrack.

In 2017 Cardoso releases the album called "Escénica Sonora", where he takes a tour of his instrumental works that appear in different projects. 

Escénica Sonora - Cardoso

In 2018 he published his book Criselefantina with poems and illustrations in pen. He is a musician with a long experience in live concerts accompanied only by electric guitar in an intimate, energetic and visceral atmosphere, format that alternates occasionally with a small formation of musicians.

Videoclip "Diamante López"

Videoclip "Londres, Berlín, Liverpool, París"

Videoclip "Boom Bang"

Videoclip "El lugar desde el que caer"

Videoclip "El hueco del sillón"

Vídeoclip "La hierba"

Videoclip "Diez"

Videoclip "A Fuerteventura"

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