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DA is an alternative rock band from Extremadura.

Formed in Badajoz at the beginning of 2013, DA has become a band with its own voice within the panorama of national rock. They have released two EP's ("La ciudad no duerme" and "Color") besides the studio record "Universes" that took them through great venues and festivals like Womad Cáceres 2017.

They return now with a handful of songs that take the form of a brand new LP called "Lágrimas de Cristal". Songs that are born from the musical and literary maturity of: David Delgado "DA" (voice, acoustic guitar and lyrics), Rubio Salas (electric guitar), Medín Rodríguez (bass) and Albert Hernández (drums) who have carried out a very delicate work of production together with Rafa Rodríguez in charge of the technical controls.

The album edited in physical and digital format on the main digital platforms (Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, ...) goes with a graphic art work by David Delgado "DA" that illustrates each of the songs, making this one complete work with which it is achieved that all the songs can be heard and seen at the same time. This are the songs in this album:

  1. Frágiles
  2. Tierra
  3. Te quiero
  4. Lágrimas de Cristal
  5. La última bala
  6. Déjate llevar
  7. Sobrenatural

"Lágrimas de cristal" is a sound and visual journey through different emotional states in which pain, beauty, loss and joy slip through the clothes of the listener. In short, it is a disc built on the basis of emotion and truth.

History of the band

  • 2013 Recording of the demo song "La ciudad no duerme".
  • 2014 Recording of the EP "Color".
  • 2016 Recording of the EP "Universos".
  • 2017 Performance in "The rincón Pío Sound".
  • 2017 Performance in the Womad international festival (Cáceres).
  • 2017 Frist Prize in the Best Pop Rock Band in the city of Badajoz Award.
  • 2018 Recording of the album "Lágrimas de Cristal".


DA música rock
DA música Rock
DA música Rock
DA música Rock
DA música Rock




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