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Fernando Carrillo

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Fernando Carrillo

Fernando Carrillo is a singer, pianist and composer born in Madrid in 2002.

He began to play the piano when he was only 6 years old. Also at that age he became interested in instrumental music and classical piano pieces.

He left his piano studies at the age of 13 and began to train himself with piano accompaniments and themes with voice included. He started singing at 14, as well as composing his first own songs.

he evolved from there having in the British singer Tom Odell his main reference and source of inspiration.

He created the band "Narrow" with Alicia Abellán, and composed two original songs for the band: "Hold On" and "87 Reasons". That's where his composing career took off.

Narrow had numerous gigs in Madrid venues such as Gotham or Barceló Theater.

Fernando began his solo career in 2017, first by recording his accoustic cover of the song "Into the Sun", recorded in October 2017. A few months later Fernando composed his first single called "Already gone", which was published on January 1, 2018. This single was presented at a big concert at the Joy Eslava stage in Madrid, with over a thousand people in the audience.

In February of 2018, Fernando joined the youtuber and singer Celia Dail and they recorded a cover of the song "Love Me Again", a version of the original by John Newman that was a great success in the networks. This recording caused an important rise in Spotify for both Celia and Fernando, and about 100,000 views on YouTube. By the end of February Fernando made his solo debut with a performance at the Barceló Theater, causing good feelings, which led him to perform again at Joy Eslava in April.

Fernando Carrillo

BIG NEWS! Next May 27 Fernando will be the releasing his new original theme

Celia Dail & Fernando Carrillo - Love Me Again (Cover)

Official videoclip of the song "Already Gone"

"Into the sun" (accoustic cover)

Live performances

Fernando Carrillo - Love Yourself (Live in Joy Eslava)

Listen to this cover in Spotify.

Fernando Carrillo

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Fernando Carrillo


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