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Gonzalo de Cos
Gonzalo de Cos

With the inestimable need of reinvention, Gonzalo de Cos chooses to return to his origins in the recording of his second album, entitled "Los Clásicos".

The songwriter is aware that for creation, change is the constant. There is no place for self-contemplation when the demand is maximum.

For a major project, a first-level team is needed. For this reason, he immersed himself in the studies "Grabaciones Sumergidas" in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)..

This album was co-produced by Julio Cable and Juan Antonio Mateos. With top level musicians such as Juanjo Ruiz on bass, Juan Antonio de Rus on drums, Ernie McGomma on percussion and Álvaro Marabot on guitars. A sonic squad capable of making each of the six songs in the album sound as folk, pop or rock.

The recording took place between June and August 2018, and the result was an almost perfect work that confirms Gonzalo de Cos as a great songwriter. A solid album stylistically related to classics such as "Harvest" by Neil Young, "Car wheels on gravel road" by Lucinda Williams or "Me mata si me necesitas" by Quique González.

Gonzalo de Cos

In "Los Clásicos", de Cos sounds more than ever like he is owning his art, with a clear style in itself. It seems that the costume of singer-songwriter and dandy crooner allowed the rock guitarist to express himself in a generous palette of colors at the service of his own message: take advantage of time and be consistent in your life.

We are facing an album about disenchantment, lost values, the brightness of absence and disloyalty. The author explores in the abyssal pits of solitary confinement. A laps of everything, surviving millions of hangovers, alive and well dressed, Cos investigates the consequences of their actions.

Gonzalo de Cos

In this EP we can enjoy a heterogeneous sound that oscillates between the country of Johnny Cash and the equalized guitars of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Outstanding luminous texts worked with the rigor of the good artisan who has submerged in the seas of the best Spanish rock compositor.

From the love theme of love after love to digging in the abyssal pits of solitary confinement. From the black cloud to the egographic literature.

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Gonzalo de Cos


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