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Dani Costas

Dani Costas defines himself as a music addict, whose life has been marked by pop and rock. From a young age he was part of local bands and spent time playing small gigs in his town and recording his first tracks. He acquired great experience as a singer and guitarist thanks to several orchestras, with which he toured all of Galicia.

In 2016 he edited his first album called "Todo o nada" and presented this work by playing it in different formats through theaters in Pontevedra. He combined this activity with concerts in which he played covers (duo or solo) and with the tours of the orchestra.

Now he presents his second album called "Pequeño Infinito" where there are seven new stories with a more mature and personal sound. With this new project he has decided to dedicate his entire time exclusively to his music and take it to more and better places.

In this work "Pequeño Infinito" Dani Costas shows his most personal side. This album defines the sound that Dani Costas has been looking for for a long time and with which he hopes to reach all corners of the country.


"Todo o Nada"

  1. Todo o nada
  2. El pacto
  3. Dime que te marchas
  4. Después de un año
  5. Tengo miedo
  6. Vivo en oscuridad
  7. Y ahora que?


"Pequeño Infinito"

  1. Pequeño Infinito
  2. Te Encontré
  3. Vuelve Ya
  4. Cuatro Almas
  5. Vivir Sin Ti
  6. El Hombre De Tu Vida
  7. Ser Cantante


Official videoClip "Todo o Nada"

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Dani Costas


There are many ways to make this a better world. We believe that the world is better with music, and we believe that music is better if you the artist are happy, unless you're a songwriter, right? :)

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